A Private Limited Company is the most sought after and lucrative form of organizing business set up in India. It is a legal entity separate from its members. Capital is held by only a few key people. A Private Limited Company can be started with a minimum investment and risk. It takes only two persons to be members/ directors to start the company.

It take 15-20 days for incorporating a Private Limited Company in India. This period of 15 Days starts after approval of name and once all required documents are received by our team.


  1. Perpetual Life: Company keeps operating irrespective of continuity of same members and directors.
  2. Saves from hostile takeovers: Since control is with a few key members and there is restrictions in trading of shares.
  3. Tax Benefits.
  4. Limited Liability: Only to the extent of Capital Contribution as compared to entities, like partnership firms, proprietorship, etc.
  5. Investment by Capitalist: Private Company attracts venture capitalists. Which is why most of the modern start-ups are organised as Private Companies.

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Below are the steps in the Process of Company Incorporation:

  1. Reservation of name of the Company, which is based on Name Availability.
  2. Obtaining Digital Signatures (DSC) of at least 2 Directors and Subscribers, as required.
  3. Formation of Company after approval of Name.
  4. Not to mention, obtaining GST Registration Certificate, if required.

What you will be provided along with the company:

  1. PAN and TAN
  2. DIN of Directors
  3. MOA and AOA of the Company